Sewing Machines: Then and Now

During the first industrial revolution, the clothing industry was already a prominent aspect of the people’s lives. To ease the burden of manual sewing, machines that stitch fabric and other materials together were invented; sewing machines were created.

Having been invented 200 years ago by Thomas Saint, sewing machines surely had a long journey full of innovations and advancements. This gave rise to the different kinds of sewing machines we have nowadays: mechanical, electrical, computerized, and sergers.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

mechanical sewing machineThe mechanical sewing machines are the first kind of sewing machines invented. These machines are controlled by rotary wheels. Its various stitches are made by a spring loaded cam being pushed and pulled by the machine. Any adjustments to be made, whether it’s the thread tension or the stitch’s width, are controlled by means of a dial. This kind of sewing machines offers just the most basic sewing tasks. With it being the oldest kind, it is usually the least expensive among the sewing machines available in the market nowadays.

Electrical Sewing Machines

Electrical Sewing MachinesWith the electrical sewing machines, the work done by the user is greatly reduced. Some of their functions can be easily accessed with the simple push of buttons. This kind of sewing machines uses electrical impulse in controlling its needle and creating stitches and patterns, thus making it more precise than mechanical sewing machines. It is an automated machine that can be used in dealing with more complex types of work. Depending on the model, an electrical sewing machine may have a wide variety of stitches to choose from and a number of motors installed in it.

Computerized Sewing Machines

Computerized Sewing MachinesThe computerized sewing machines are the latest kind of sewing devices. The major difference they have from electrical ones is that they use a microprocessor that allows them to receive and store information through the use of a memory card. With this feature, users are allowed to add their own stitch designs into the device. Tasks like threading, cutting and sewing button holes can be done automatically with these machines making them much more convenient to use. In addition to that, it features a touch screen which is innovative and convenient for its users. This technology is definitely a top-of-the-line class of sewing machines. Unfortunately, they are one of the most costly machines that are available in the market since they are the most advanced.


SergerSergers, also called merrow or overlock machines, are the devices that give the final touches on the projects. Consisting of knives and loopers,they act like an ultimate machine full of scissors. As clothes are fed through them, they cut their edges and tidy the stitches. This gives the final outcome a professional look.

With sewing machines,the burdens of creating clothes have been lifted. Their invention has improved the efficiency and productivity of the clothing industry. It also has given the normal folks the opportunity to enhance their sewing craft. Nevertheless, with the different technological advancements that emerge every now and then, sewing machines have a long way to go. We never know; another technological advancement in them may even come tomorrow!